Tap the natural healthy power
of Probiotics, Prebiotics & Green Tea

Good health starts with good diet. NutriDiet helps you achieve digestive health, delivering the natural power of prebiotics and probiotics to your system. These healthy ingredients, coupled with the benefits of green tea catechins shown to boost metabolism, provide powerful support for digestion, regularity and a healthy metabolism.

probiotics, prebiotics and green tea

Probiotics: Bacillus coagulans, first isolated in 1915, is a lactic acid-forming bacterial species that helps you improve your digestion by maintaining a healthy intestinal environment.**

Prebiotics: These dietary fibers, found in high concentration in vegetables, stimulate the activity of good bacteria in your digestive system.** NutriDiet uses a blend of more than 20 specially selected fermented vegetables that are a staple of the Japanese diet.

Green Tea: The benefits of green tea are widely known. The catechins found within are clinically shown to boost metabolism.** One NutriDiet serving has more catechins than you'll find in 14 cups of green tea.


digestive health

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